Consulate General
of the Arab Republic of Egypt
Consulate General of Egypt
Public hours during the month of Ramadan:
10AM to 2PM (Monday to Friday)

Category A: Australians and all other nationalities (Exempt countries listed in Category B)

Category A: Australians and all other nationalities (Exempt countries listed in Category B)

For all Australian Passport holders and Nationalities that do not require a pre-approval (Review the list of nationalties in Category B).

There are 3 options to obtain a visa for category A. Please note, business visa applicants need to apply for their visa from the Consulate before they depart.

Option 1:

Obtaining the Visa through the Consulate before you depart.

Apply within 90 days of your travel date.


  • Completed Visa Application form
  • Original Passport valid for more than 6 months from the date of intended entry to Egypt.
  • 2 passport-sized photo (white background, same standards as Australian Passport)
  • Business Invitation Letter (For Business Visa Only).
  • Visa Fees: $5.00 Application fee + Visa fee noted in the table below


Fees for Category A
 Single EntryMultiple Entry
Tourist Visa$60.00$140.00
Business Visa$140.00$190.00
Transit Visa$125.00$190.00
Entry Visa fees for the following Nationalities: 
 Single EntryMultiple EntryAll Visa Types
Great Britain$225.00$345.00CYRUS$35.00
Canada Family Passport$280.00$415.00GERMANY$35.00
Nigeria (Business Transit for 72 hours)$190.00$280.00USA$35.00

How to lodge your Visa Application:

In person:

By Mail:

Lodge the requirements at the Consulate during our public hours – Monday to Friday (10:00 AM to 2:00 PM).

Payment is by Cash, Money Order from Australia Post, or Bank Cheque.

No appointment is required.

Collection of your passport is within 5 working days.

(Please note the date of collection will be confirmed upon your lodgement)

Mail the requirements to our postal address: (Postal Address: G.P.O. Box 1258, Sydney, NSW, 2001)

  • Requirements listed above.
  • Fees: Payment by Australia Post money order or bank cheque (personal/business checks are not accepted), and must be payable to the “Consulate General of Egypt”.
  • Pre-paid self-addressed envelope for the return of the original document/s

Option 2:

Obtaining the Visa upon arrival at the airport in Egypt, as long as you have confirmation of your return flights.

Visas upon arrival have a maximum duration of 30 days only.

Option 3:

Apply through the official Egyptian e-visa website

Please note that the Consulate is not linked to the online e-visa system and cannot provide any support.

Additional Information:

The following link has the latest update the Consulate has regarding the requirements to enter Egypt:


Note: These regulations change very frequently and the Consulate cannot guarantee its accuracy and can accept no liability for any errors or omissions.


Please verify with the airline as they receive the most up-to-date information before travel.